Truthsayer: Turning Family-Owned Newspaper Into Multi-Media Powerhouse Earns Karen Carter Richards TEW Women on the Move Award

HOUSTON—As CEO and Publisher of Forward Times Publishing Company, the South’s largest independently owned and published newspaper, Karen Carter Richards has built a multi-media powerhouse that honors the 56-year-old legacy founded by her beloved parents Julius and Lenora “Doll” Carter. “My father was a visionary and he believed that Houston needed a newspaper that positively […]

HEART of a CHAMPION – Slam Dunking Resilience Earns Carrie Potter TEW Women on the Move Award

HOUSTON—Carrie Potter, one of Nebraska’s finest athletes, grew up the third of six children to Daniel & Carol Potter. Her parents instilled in her and her siblings a sense of pride with regards to her athletic skills, business sense and intellectual prowess. “We were taught to operate always with a team approach and look out […]

THE AUDACITY TO DREAM BIG Building Authentic Relationships, Taking Risks and Pushing Beyond Boundaries Earns Mia Mends TEW Women on the Move Award

HOUSTON—Mia Mends’ story is a tale steeped in optimism, perseverance and faith in abundant possibilities. An immigrant whose family fled a military coup in Ghana when she was 7, Mia moved to Houston, Texas where her parents instilled values and a foundation that encouraged Mia to dream big. Equipped with an education from Wellesley College […]

Tackling the Difficult Questions in Medical Ethics And Health Policy Earns Amy McGuire TEW Women on the Move Award

HOUSTON —Amy McGuire researches and influences policy on the most important ethical questions in medicine and biomedical research that undoubtedly touch the lives of each and every human. As one of the nation’s most awarded, respected and well-funded researchers and scholars in the field of bioethics, Amy’s work regarding ethical and policy issues in human […]

The Mission For Success Turning $100 Into $20 Million In Sales Earns Paula Mendoza TEW Women on the Move Award

HOUSTON —In 2001, Paula Mendoza left a secure job in corporate America to open her own project management company, aptly named “Possible Missions.” With only $100 in a company account, Paula accomplished what some might call a mission impossible—as the company is now on track to exceed $20 million in sales. Her journey to success […]

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