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Regina Mellinger is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, a wife, and a loving mother of three. Her business, Primary Services, is one of Houston’s largest staffing firms and largest woman-owned businesses. Though Mellinger began her professional career as an art director in New York City, her family’s mindset of “seeing” and valuing each person found expression in her new business vocation, recruiting.

After working eight years for both local and national staffing firms in Houston, Regina opened Primary Services in 1981 with the purpose of putting people and values first. She reached her first-year business goals within 3 months. Primary Services partners with many of the top fortune 500 companies in the region and has provided over 64,000 people job opportunities in its 30 years of business.

Her successful path is directly tied to her values. She continuously makes it a goal to serve and improve the lives of others. She is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance (WBEA), an executive committee member at ANSERTEAM, and has participated in the WBEA’s Giving Tree professional mentorship program. Regina has served many charities. For the last twelve years, Change Happens! has been at the forefront. Change Happens! is a nonprofit organization serving economically disadvantaged families with over 18 programs that empower people to help themselves. Regina’s family and firm are privileged to serve a cause which enriches the lives of others each day and contributes to the future of our community.

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